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September Interim Menu Update

Many thanks to the NEWydd Staff who have worked tirelessly to put our Interim September Menu’s together for a start of term that will be like no other before.

At NEWydd we have always taken pride in the delivery of a balanced and nutritious offering that is checked against government guidelines. The safety of all pupils, teachers and staff was paramount in our thinking when creating this menu and all decisions have been made with public health guidance in mind in order to reduce any potential spread of the virus.

Please be aware that for this menu we have had to take into account children potentially eating in classrooms, pupils having meals delivered to classrooms, service time limits due to pupil bubbles, less service points, staff reductions due to safe physical distancing, potential staff illness and much, much more!

We will keep you posted as to how long this menu will be required for and please understand that as soon as schools return to a bit of ‘normality’ that normal service will be resumed with a far more expansive menu that will again be checked against all of the government advice and nutritional standards.


The NEWydd Team

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Newydd Catering & Cleaning is a brand new Local Authority Trading Company created to deliver high quality, financially viable, sustainable, customer-focused catering and cleaning services. The Catering and Cleaning service is being taken from the direct management of the County Council in order to be more responsive to the demands of the market and by changing the way that we do things valuable discretionary services can be maintained and enhanced.
Flintshire County Council cannot afford to continue to deliver services as they currently do. This option has been assessed and is the best way forward to protect jobs. The new company will be free to attract new work outside of the Council which it cannot currently do.

By outsourcing commercial cleaning it can have the following benefits for your organisation:

  • You are able to concentrate on your core business with the safe and hygienic responsibility of your property being managed by a contractor.
  • Reduced time and cost spent on recruitment and other Human resource activities.
  • Value for money as a result of the contractor’s longstanding relationships with suppliers and buying power of cleaning consumables and materials