School Meals


School Meals

Our current primary school menus can be found here.

Our current high school menus are operating on a school by school basis.


Working Together: Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds

Did you know?

We provide a wide range of food choices, created within and in support of The Healthy Eating in Schools (Nutritional Standards and requirements)(Wales) regulations 2013. Our priority is to ensure that all menus provide balanced and nutritious food choices, as an important and integral part of school life. Eating healthy nutritionally balanced meals helps support a young person’s continued growth and development, boosting concentration, improving performance and active participation throughout the school day.

Here at NEWydd we are committed to healthy eating and we work hard with schools to promote the health and welfare of pupils. We continue to deliver the best food possible and want to help young people in Flintshire to discover and enjoy new and exciting foods that will encourage them to live a healthy and active life. Children consume about a third of their food intake during the school day. A recent study found that a school meal contains more vegetables, starchy food and protein than a typical packed lunch. The same study also showed packed lunches were much more likely to contain confectionery and crisps, something that isn't on the menu in Flintshire schools!


Does your child qualify for Free School Meals?

If you receive certain benefits, you may be eligible to claim Free School Meals.
For further information, telephone 01352 704848, or complete the online form.
Alternatively, forms and information will be available at your child's school.